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Unagi Borough
Unagi borough.PNG
Game Newer Super Mario Bros. DS
Level number 3-A
Time 400
World Dorrie's Island
Level type Underwater, Autoscrolling
Enemies Big Deep Cheeps
Cheep Cheeps
Cheep Chomps
Mega Unagis
Game Progression
Previous level (2-Final.png) Flameburst Flotilla (purchase)
Next level (3-2) Palmthorn Beach

Unagi Borough (or World 3-A) is the first alternate level of Dorrie's Island in Newer Super Mario Bros. DS.

Unagi Borough is unlocked by completing Flameburst Flotilla in Crystal Sewers and purchasing a Star Coin Sign. Completing it will unlock Palmthorn Beach.

Star Coins

Star Coin 1: Near the beginning of the stage, you will find the Star Coin in plain sight in a hole with two Unagi guarding it. Bait the Unagi to bite at you, then slip through to grab the Star Coin. Star Coin 2: Past the checkpoint, you will find a P-Switch that you need to press to progress further in the stage. However, if you rush as fast as you can, you will find that the P-Switch turned a row of Brick Blocks blocking this Star Coin into regular coins. Being Hammer Mario makes this coin much easier to grab.

Star Coin 3: You need to be Super Mario or above to get this Star Coin. In the final area, you will immediately be thrown into the Brick Blocks you need to break to get this Star Coin. However, you must not swim straight into it, as that will certainly result in being eaten by the Cheep Chomp that resides right above it. Get the Cheep Chomp to chase you around until it is in a position where you can grab the Star Coin without becoming lunch.