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A list of examples of Unused Levels that were at one point were planned or put into the game and later removed and this might be from the level not working as intended or that it was removed for better levels to replace it. Some levels are still playable in the Newer Ds if the game is hacked however some levels are lost and only know through previous footage or screenshots from the past. Newer Super Mario Bros Wii Unused Level List here.

Newer Super Mario Bros DS

Goldleaf Plains:

Level number Level name Preview Description
1-1 Everbrown Meadow Everbrown.png A few early concepts for Everbrown Meadow (Seen here and here (top left only)).
1-2 Chopwood Cavern Chopwoodcavern.png An early version of Chopwood Cavern that tests out a better colour pallet vs an old one (Seen here).
1-T Ropeblast Tower Ropeblasttower.png A slightly different opening to Ropeblast Tower which only changes a few ground blocks in the level (Seen here).

Crystal Sewers:

Level number Level name Preview Description


Springstep Chasm Springstepcavern.png An old level that used the strange springs which could boost Mario up high and shoot Pirahna Plants far with a cork block (Seen here).

Dorrie's Island:

Level number Level name Preview Description
3-T Hivetree Tower Hivetree tower.PNG An early version of Hivetree Tower (Seen here).
3-3 Honeycomb Thicket Honeycomb thicket.PNG An early version of Honeycomb Thicket (Seen here).
3-B Dorrie Den Dorrie den.png An early version of Dorrie Den although its only a few enemy changes and floating platforms added /extended (Seen here).

Pumpkin Boneyard:

Level number Level name Preview Description
4-1 Pumpkin Thornhill PumpkinThornhill.png An early concept for Pumpkin Thornhill although its minor changes like the flag not existing and a small Splunkin changed to a Big Splunkin (Seen here).


Unused Graveyard Level Spookyscarylevel.png An unused graveyard level that was similar to Fog Cemetery from NSBMWii (Seen here and here).

Moonview Glacier:

Level number Level name Preview Description
5-1 Snowfield Plaeau Snowfieldplateau.png An early version of Snowfield Plaeau (Seen here).
5-B Precarious Byway PrecariousByway.png An early version of Precarious Byway although it's just goombas with hats (Seen here).

Lunar Realm:

Level number Level name Preview Description
6-2 Mt. Skydrop MtSkydrop.png An early version of Mt. Skydrop although its only a changed Blue Paratroopa to a Green Paratroopa (Seen here).
6-5 Runbow Road RunbowRoad.png An early version of Runbow Road (Seen here).
6-B Shape Zone ShapeZone.png An early version of Shape Zone (Seen here).
6-7 Freeleap Galaxy FreeleapGalaxy.png An early version of Freeleap Galaxy (Seen here).
6-C Thornspire Doomship ThornspireDoomship.png An early version of Thornspire Doomship (Seen here and here)

Cirrus Heavens:

Level number Level name Preview Description
7-1 Lavender Skybridge LavenderSkybridge.png An early concept for Lavender Skybridge (Seen here).
7-2 Muncher Romp MuncherRomp.png An early concept for Muncher Romp (Seen here).

Koopa Country:

Level number Level name Preview Description
8-2 Sandstream Tunnel SandstreamTunnel.png An early concept for Sandstream Tunnel (Seen here).
8-Final.png Ironclad Battalion IroncladBattalion.png An early concept for Ironclad Battalion (Seen here with only slight change with the pipes).
8-6 Bombkey Banks BombkeyBanks.png An early concept for Bombkey Banks although it's only the 2nd star coin being in a different place(Seen here).