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Game Newer Super Mario Bros. Wii
Level number F-2 (unofficial)
Time 700
World Special World (unused)
Level type Sky, Athletic
Enemies Buzzy Beetles
Koopa Paratroopas (G & R)
Koopa Troopas (G & R)
Piranha Plants
Game Progression
Previous level 09-11.arc.LH
Next level 09-13.arc.LH

WALLJUMPS WILL WORK is the second level of the unused Special World in Newer Super Mario Bros. Wii. It takes place with a sky setting, having a big resemblance to levels in World 7 from New Super Mario Bros. Wii.


This level takes place in a sky setting that resembles World 7 from New Super Mario Bros. Wii. It is abundant with Koopa Troopa and Koopa Paratroopas, which are the dominant enemies in the level. This level in particular is fairly lengthy.

The first half of the level is heavily filled up with Koopa (Para)troopas. There are a lot of hidden areas which contain coins or even Star Coins. At the end of this half is a series of ? Switches that when activated, will destroy the wood blocks that block the way to progressing through this area. The first one is on the ground, while the remaining switches hang from the ceiling.

The second half of the level is no different from the first half. However, towards the middle of this half, there is a large Piranha Plant section that can be knocked out by using a POW block in the hidden room to the left. After this is yet another long Koopa Troopa section, before ending off with a pair of two colored boxes with the third and final Star Coin at the top. While the normal goal pole lies directly at the end, wall-jumping up on the last few walls will find you a Warp Pipe at the very top, which leads you to the secret goal pole room.

Star Coins

  • Star Coin 1: Towards the beginning of the level, you may see a Star Coin. When you do, immediately drop down to reveal two platforms that fall when stepped on. Use the platforms to reach this Star Coin but quickly get it before the platforms are gone.
  • Star Coin 2: When you reach the section that contain many hidden alcoves within each small set of land, drop down when you reach the third column. The Star Coin should be at the smallest one, which is the furthest below in the third column.
  • Star Coin 3: Right before the end of the level, wall jump on the two swinging colored boxes to find the third Star Coin at the very top.

Secret exit

At the very end of the level, do not go to the goal pole. Instead, wall jump on the walls right before it to find a Warp Pipe at the very top, which leads you to the secret goal pole room.





Name Music Origin Area played
Overworld Original song. Entrance area, secret goal pole room
Athletic Original song. Main area
Underground Underground theme from Super Mario Bros. Underground areas


  • This level is also unofficially known as "Radical Plateau”.
  • This level is officially recognized as "WALLJUMPS WILL WORK".
    • This may be a reference to Super Mario 64, as its name is similar to the star "Wall Kicks Will Work".