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Game Newer Super Mario Bros. Wii
Level number F-6 (unofficial)
Time 564
World Special World (unused)
Level type Forest
Enemies Big Goombas
Big Koopa Paratroopas (Red)
Big Paragoombas
Big Piranha Plants
Big Wigglers
Boomerang Bros.
Fire Bros.
Hammer Bros.
King Bills
Koopa Paratroopas (G & R)
Koopa Troopas (G & R)
Micro Goombas
Micro Piranha Plant
Monty Moles
Piranha Plants
Prickly Goombas
River Piranha Plants
Sledge Bros.
Game Progression
Previous level 09-16.arc.LH
Next level 09-18.arc.LH

ENEMIES WILL VARY is the sixth level of the unused Special World in Newer Super Mario Bros. Wii. It's a forest-themed level with a simply outrageous amount of different enemies.


09-17.arc.LH starts off with an arrow sign pointing towards two sets of Question Blocks between two pairs of Brick Blocks laid one over the other. The bottom-most Question Block holds a Super Mushroom or other powerup (more research needed), the top-most Question Block holds a coin, while the Brick Blocks are completely empty. To the right of these Question Blocks are two Goombas around one Big Goomba (which acts identically to a standard Goomba, meaning no extra Goombas are spawned when its stomped) on a sloped hill. Over the player in this little section are three semisolid platforms, the middle of which holds a POW Block and the right of which holds a P Switch.

Continuing right, the player will cross a poison water-filled gap with a green Koopa Paratroopa over it to land on another semisolid platform. Two Paragoombas surrounding one Big Paragoomba (which acts identically to a Paragoomba) are found on this platform before the player crosses another gap guarded by a red Koopa Paratroopa. Over the Paragoombas' platform are a few coins that the player can use as a platform if they activated the P Switch from earlier.

Crossing this second gap leads to a slope with a Micro Goomba and two Big Goombas (which actually act like Big Goombas). Over this slope is a semisolid platform holding a pair of Piranha Plants and Big Piranha Plants on its top and bottom. Past this section are three multi-colored Warp Pipes holding a Piranha Plant each over a pit, with Yellow Dotted-Line Blocks covering the opening between the two last Warp Pipes. Over these Warp Pipes is a semisolid platform holding a Brick Block (contents unknown, more research needed) that can be accessed from a well-timed jump from its right or by using a P Switch from earlier to jump onto the Piranha Plant-filled platform, using a Fire Flower to finish the Piranha Plants and pass safely.

To the right is a semisolid platform holding three Koopa Troopas, one red and two green, over eight Prickly Goombas. Past this are two Hammer Bros. on two lines of Brick Blocks and Question Blocks. Most of the Brick Blocks are empty while most of the Question Blocks contain coins, with the exception of the rightmost Question Block on the bottom row, which contains a Super Mushroom or other powerup.

To the right of these Hammer Bros. is a semisolid platform holding a single Fire Bro over the first Star Coin and a poison water-filled gap. Past this are two Wigglers (possibly three, more research needed) and a Red Ring under a semisolid platform holding a Boomerang Bro, followed by a slope and another semisolid platform, this one holding a Sledge Bro. The Red Coins that spawn from the Red Ring are in two clumps of four just beside where the Red Ring was, making their collection quite simple. If the player is in their Super form, they will be rewarded with a Propeller Mushroom, which can be used to safely obtain the first Star Coin over the poison water gap.

After this section is a pit that must be crossed to reach a small section involving two Bramballs stepping across one-block wide platforms over some Donut Blocks and Munchers. Upon completing this section, the player will arrive at a poison water pool where three Big Wigglers must be used as platforms, but not before a P Switch, which spawns some Blue Coins over the Big Wigglers. Two red Koopa Paratroopas around one red Big Koopa Paratroopa are found over the Big Wigglers and under a large semisolid platform which can be reached via a propeller spin, jumping on a Koopa Paratroopa, or using the Pipe Cannon found on a platform to the right. A Question Block containing a Super Mushroom or Hammer Suit and an empty Brick Block are found on this semisolid platform over where the Pipe Cannon shoots, while a green Warp Pipe facing downward is found over where the Koopa Paratroopas are. This Warp Pipe leads to a sky-themed bonus area containing the second Star Coin where the player must quickly jump for it to avoid two oncoming King Bills.

Past the platform containing the Pipe Cannon is a semisolid platform holding the checkpoint flag over a poison water pool surrounded by two River Piranha Plants. To the right of the platform is a slope with five running Monty Moles under two semisolid platforms, the left of which holds a Question Block with unknown contents and the right of which holds another Question Block with unknown contents and a Fire Bro.

Past the Monty Mole slope is a small hole with three Big Piranha Plants and a single Micro Piranha Plant guarding the third and final Star Coin. In order to get it safely, the player must dispose of the Piranha Plants by any way they can, most likely by using their hammers from their newly acquired Hammer Suit. Over this hole are three empty Brick Blocks.

Beside the hole with the third Star Coin is a semisolid platform held by ground holding two red Koopa Troopas and one green Koopa Troopa over two poison water pools holding two River Piranha Plants. After this is a poison water pool holding a River Piranha Plant before a Question Block containing a Super Star is found over the ground between it and another poison water pool holding a River Piranha Plant. The Super Star is optional and is simply used to make the journey easier.

Past the Super Star are three multicolored Warp Pipes containing a Piranha Plant each, with a poison water pool containing a River Piranha Plant after each of them. This is followed by some solid ground with a slope holding four Goombas under a Fire Bro on a three-Brick Block platform before a green Warp Pipe containing another Piranha Plant. Four more Goombas are found past this, preceding two semisolid platforms, the right of which holds a red Koopa Troopa, over flat ground leading to the Goal Pole, ending the level. The semisolid platforms may be used to reach the top of the Goal Pole for an extra life, as indicated by a triplet of coins in a slight arc.

Star Coins

  • Star Coin 1: Under a semisolid platform holding a Fire Bro over a poison water pool in plain sight. It can easily be obtained by using a Propeller Suit found after completing a Red Ring to the right of it to safely jump for the Star Coin and land on the semisolid platform above. A well-timed Koopa Troopa shell throw or simple jump could also work, but would require more precision.
  • Star Coin 2: Within a sky-themed bonus area found in a Warp Pipe over a semisolid platform over the only Big Koopa Paratroopa of the level. The Warp Pipe itself can be accessed via a propeller spin, jumping on the Big Koopa Paratroopa, or a Pipe Cannon found to the right of the Big Koopa Paratroopa's poison water pool. The bonus area itself requires the player to quickly jump for the Star Coin, which is in plain sight over where the player enters, then reenter the Warp Pipe from where they came, as two King Bills are immediately shot from both directions with no safe way to avoid them.
  • Star Coin 3: Within a small hole guarded by some Big Piranha Plants and a Micro Piranha Plant in plain sight. To obtain it safely, the player must dispose of the Big Piranha Plants by using fireballs from a Flower Flower, hammers from a Hammer Suit (that can be obtained earlier within the level near the second Star Coin's Warp Pipe), or iceballs from an Ice Flower or Penguin Suit. A Koopa Troopa shell may also be used if one brings it.





  • This level is also unofficially known as "The Great and the Grody."
  • This level is officially known as "ENEMIES WILL VARY".
  • This level and BRICKS WILL BREAK are the only levels to be specifically created for the unused Special World.