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Departed Realm - Afterlife Tower

Music: File:Tower.ogg/Boss Music: Departed Realm's Boss Music/ Secret Boss Music: King Boo's Boss Battle (NRSMBSwitch)

Boss: Boolossus

Secret Boss: King Boo

Enemies: Screwers, Dry Bones, Big Dry Bones, Boo, Broozers, Circling Boo Buddies

It's a scary tower like Spookloft Tower. But, Instead of an elevator taking you up and crushing you, It is autoscroll Like Crystalfrost Tower. It has 1 checkpoint. The 3rd Star coin is only located at The Secret Boss. This precedes 3-3 Wicked Woods and succeeded by 3-4 Midnight Town. After Defeating King Boo, It Takes you to 3-B Deathbed Hospital.