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World 1-Peachscastle.png
Game Another Super Mario Bros. Wii
Area number 1-Peachscastle.png
Time None (infinite)
World World 1
Area type Peach's Castle
Game Progression
Previous level None
Next level None

World 1-Peachscastle.png is a special area of World 1 in Another Super Mario Bros. Wii.

World 1-Peachscastle.png is unlocked automatically after creating a new save file. It will not unlock any new levels. Despite being unlocked at the start of the game, it only has a purpose when the ! Switch is activated in World 3.


JUKEBOX: Scroll through the songs by hitting these arrows.
~ In-game text box.

When the player enters the area, they'll find a Toad along with a red boss door over some Dotted-Line Blocks. This boss door is inaccessible prior to activating the ! Switch in World 3 after completing World 3-5.

Activating the ! Switch in World 3 will turn the Dotted-Line Blocks solid, allowing the player to enter the boss door. Upon entering, the player will be put into a room with a massive text box (saying what is shown above). Under this text box are two arrows, one up and one down. Upon touching one of these arrows, a new song will load out of the soundtrack of Another Super Mario Bros. Wii. This area can be exited by entering the boss door again.


It is unknown why this happens, but when loading specific songs, the text box may misspell and say: "Scroll throu the songs bgh hitting they arrows." It appears that the letters on the right side of the text box have been lowered.