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World 2-6
World 2-6A.png
Game Another Super Mario Bros. Wii
Level number 2-6
Time 400
World World 2
Level type Athletic
Enemies Flame Chomps
Koopa Paratroopas (G & R)
Koopa Troopas (G & R)
Game Progression
Previous level (2-4) World 2-4
Next level (2-Castlensmbw2.png) World 2-Castlensmbw2.png
(2-Cannon2.png) World 2-Cannon2.png (secret)

World 2-6 is the seventh level of World 2 in Another Super Mario Bros. Wii.

World 2-6 is unlocked by completing the normal exit of World 2-4. Completing its normal exit will unlock World 2-Castlensmbw2.png, and completing its secret exit will unlock World 2-Cannon2.png.