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World 5 is the third world as World 3/4 is skipped in Newer: Summer Sun.

World 5
soon maybe idk
Game Newer: Summer Sun
World number 5
Levels 4
Bosses None
Game Progression
Previous world (2) World 2
Next world (8) World 8

It has no bosses.


World 5 can only be accessed through completing World 2-Cannon in World 2. Completion of World 5-2/3 grants access to World 5-Cannon2.png, leading to World 8-1 in World 8.

Level Numbers Preview Description
World 5-1 SS5-1.png A level filled with many mushrooms, hanging vines and tilting platforms with many areas to fall into the poisonous water.
World 5-2 SS5-2.png A level filled with Wiggler Statues that burrows from the ground into the tree canopy above with poisonous water below.
World 5-3 SS5-3.png A level that is filled with climbable rocks that allow Mario to cross dangerous gaps.

Other Levels
Level number Preview Description
World 5-Piranha Plant SS5-Pp.png A level that holds 8 Toad Balloons and 4 Stalking Piranha Plants which all move around to hurt Mario and stop him getting the the balloon and the treasure chest. This level is optional in the game.
World 5-Cannon SS5-C.png A cannon level that take Mario to World 8.