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World 8-Bowsercas.png
World 8-BowserA.png
Game Another Super Mario Bros. Wii
Level number 8-Bowsercas.png
Time 999
World World 8
Level type Bowser's Castle
Enemies Big Thwomps
Boomerang Bros. (fight)
Dry Bones
Fire Bros. (fight)
Goombas (fight)
Boss Bowser
Game Progression
Previous level (8-Airship2.png) World 8-Airship2.png
Next level (9-1) World 9-1 (?)
(9-2) World 9-2 (?)
(9-3) World 9-3 (?)
(9-4) World 9-4 (?)
(9-5) World 9-5 (?)
(9-6) World 9-6 (?)
(9-7) World 9-7 (?)
(9-8) World 9-8 (?)

World 8-Bowsercas.png is the final castle and the tenth and final level of World 8 in Another Super Mario Bros. Wii. Bowser is fought at its end.

World 8-Bowsercas.png is unlocked by completing World 8-Airship2.png. Completing it will unlock the entirety of World 9, though its individual levels will only be unlocked after collecting all Star Coins in a given world, with each world respectively unlocking one of World 9's eight levels.