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World 8
Game Another Super Mario Bros. Wii
World number 8
Levels 10
Bosses Kamek
Bowser Jr.
Game Progression
Previous world (7) World 7
(5) World 5 (secret)
(6) World 6 (secret)
Next world (9) World 9

World 8 is the eighth and final story world in Another Super Mario Bros. Wii.

Its tower boss is Kamek, its airship boss is Bowser Jr., and its final castle boss is Bowser.


World 8 can be accessed through completing World 7-Castlensmbw2.png in World 7, through using World 5-Cannon2.png in World 5, unlocked via the secret exit of World 5-Gohst.png, or through using World 6-Cannon2.png in World 6, unlocked via the secret exit of World 6-6. Completion of World 8-Bowsercas.png grants access to World 9, though not any of World 9's levels on its own.


Level number Preview Description
World 8-1 World 8-1A.png
World 8-2 World 8-2A.png
World 8-3 World 8-3A.png
World 8-Fortress.png World 8-TowerA.png
World 8-4 World 8-4A.png
World 8-5 World 8-5A.png
World 8-6 World 8-6A.png
World 8-7 World 8-7A.png
World 8-Airship2.png World 8-AirshipA.png
World 8-Bowsercas.png World 8-BowserA.png