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World 8
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Game Newer: Summer Sun
World number 8
Levels 5
Bosses Bowser Jr.
Game Progression
Previous world (5) World 5
Next world (9) World 9

World 8 is the fourth world as World 6/7 is skipped in Newer: Summer Sun.

Its airship boss is Bowser Jr and the castle boss is Bowser.


World 8 can only be accessed through completing World 5-Cannon in World 5. Completion of World 8-2 grants access to World 8-7, leading to World 8-Airship2.png which leads to World 8-Bowsercas.png.

Level Numbers Preview Description
World 8-1 SS8-1.png A level filled with many Dry Bones and many Meteors that fall from the sky with little cover and platforms tilt and fall which eventually plummet into the lava.
World 8-2 SS8-2.png A level filled with Bullet Bills and Banzai Bills and many platforms which lead/towards to lava.
World 8-7 SS8-7.png A level filled with poisonous gas and platforms that tilt with many enemies that walk above on.
World 8-Airship2.png SS8-Airship.png A level that has many platforms that are controlled by Mario and cannons that are shot towards him the level consists of many Mechakoopas and boss fight with Bowser Jr.
World 8-Bowsercas.png SS8-BC.png A castle that holds many enemies and keys Mario has to collect to unlock the last star coin and the typical Bowser fight.