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World 9
Game Another Super Mario Bros. Wii
World number 9
Levels 8
Bosses None
Game Progression
Previous world (8) World 8
Next world None

World 9 is the ninth and final world in Another Super Mario Bros. Wii.

World 9 has no bosses.


World 9 can only be accessed through completing World 8-Bowsercas.png in World 8, though each of its individual levels must be accessed through collecting every Star Coin of their corresponding world (for example, collecting every Star Coin in World 1 will unlock World 9-1). Completion of World 9-8 leads nowhere, signaling the end of the game.


Level number
World 9-1 World 9-1A.png A plain-themed level representing World 1.
World 9-2 World 9-2A.png A desert-themed level representing World 2.
World 9-3 World 9-3A.png An icy snow-themed level representing World 3.
World 9-4 World 9-4A.png An underground water-filled cave representing World 4.
World 9-5 World 9-5A.png A forest-themed level representing World 5.
World 9-6 World 9-6A.png A mountain-themed level representing World 6.
World 9-7 World 9-7A.png An athletic sky-themed level representing World 7.
World 9-8 World 9-8A.png A true final castle, as well as final level, representing World 8.