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Yellow Switch Palace
Game Newer Super Mario Bros. Wii
Area number 1-Yellowswitchicon.png
Time 999 (infinite)
World Yoshi's Island
Area type Switch Palace
Game Progression
Previous level (1-8) Switch Shift Grove (secret)

Yellow Switch Palace (or World 1-Yellowswitchicon.png) is the Switch Palace of Yoshi's Island in Newer Super Mario Bros. Wii. It is a palace holding the Yellow Switch, turning all Yellow Blocks solid.

Yellow Switch Palace is unlocked by completing the secret exit of Switch Shift Grove. Completing it will not unlock any new levels.


At the start, you'll be in a room with a P Switch and some art of Mario and Luigi from Super Mario Bros. 3. Once you hit this P Switch, you'll reveal a bunch of Blue Coins, much like the original Yellow Switch Palace from Super Mario World. To the right of this room will be a Warp Pipe, which you'll enter to continue on with the Switch Palace.

Upon entering the Warp Pipe, you'll find art of a Goomba and once again, Mario from Super Mario Bros. 3. Once you've passed these, you'll finally reach the Yellow Switch.

How to Unlock