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Yoshi's Island
Newer Super Mario Bros

Newer Super Mario Bros. Wii - Yoshi's Island (Complete World 1)

Game(s) Newer Super Mario Bros. Wii
World number 1
Levels 11
Bosses King Fuzzy
Iggy Koopa
Game Progression
Previous world None
Next world (2) Rubble Ruins/Soggy Sewers
(A) Goldwood Forest (secret)
The beginnings of your Newer adventure take you through a ruined temple, a swamp, various forests and more...! With your friendly dinosaur companion at hand, of course.
~ The official Newer website.

Yoshi's Island is the first world in Newer Super Mario Bros. Wii. It's the home of the Yoshis, taking place on a tropical, forest-filled island. The boss of the tower (Timber Tower) and castle (Creepcrack Castle) is King Fuzzy, and the airship's boss is Iggy Koopa.


Yoshi's Island is a jungle island archipelago with beaches, a pond, a swamp, and a temple. The cliffs of the lush wooded areas are raised high above the shores.


Level number Level name Preview Description
1-1 Palm Beach PalmBeach A beach level where Yoshi is first encountered.
1-2 Yoshi Woods YoshiWoods A forest filled with enemies, segueing into a small cavern.
1-Eggicon Yoshi House YoshiHouse The home of the Mushroom Kingdom's most famous dinosaur! He's not home, but you will find Mario trivia once you activate several Switch Palaces.
1-3 Springwater Swamp SpringwaterSwamp A deep, dark and flooded forest with lots of life in its waters. Watch out for Wigglers!
1-4 Growing Greenwood GrowingGreenwood A poisonous lakefront by the southern shore of the island.
1-Towernsmbw Timber Tower TimberTower A tower disguised as a tree, with many Koopa Troopas inside. King Fuzzy is fought at the top, and Kamek is seen for the first time.
1-5 Fuzzy Canyon FuzzyCanyon A bridge where Fuzzies roam on track, and platforms must be used to cross.
1-6 Rainshed Pond RainshedPond A giant pool of rainwater. Goldwood Forest can be accessed from here via secret exit.
1-7 Tangle Temple TangleTemple An ancient temple filled with Vines to swing on.
1-8 Switch Shift Grove SwitchShiftGrove A switch-filled level where anything and everything can move. The Yellow Switch Palace can be accessed from here via secret exit.
1-Yellowswitchicon Yellow Switch Palace YellowSwitchPalace This Switch Palace contains a Yellow Switch that solidifies the yellow Color Blocks across the land.
1-Castlensmbw2 Creepcrack Castle CreepcrackCastle A castle of ancient ruins and traps. King Fuzzy is fought here for the second time.
1-Airship2 Derelict Airship DerelictAirship A docked airship to the east coast of Yoshi's Island, where Iggy Koopa is battled.

Other Buildings

Level number Level name Preview Description
1-Store Island Store Island store This is one of the many stores in this game. It is accessible after completing Yoshi Woods.
1-Challengicon Challenge House A Challenga This is the first Challenge House you will probably see. It is accessible after completing Tangle Temple or Switch Shift Grove.


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