Newer Super Mario Bros. Wii
Yoshi House
Game Newer Super Mario Bros. Wii
Level number 1-Eggicon
Time None (infinite)
World Yoshi's Island
Level type Unknown
Enemies None
Game Progression
Previous level (1-1) Palm Beach
Next level None
The home of the Mushroom Kingdom's most famous dinosaur! He's not home, but maybe there's a secret hidden here?
~ The official Newer website.

Yoshi House (or World 1-Eggicon) is a little area in Yoshi's Island from Newer Super Mario Bros. Wii. It's an area with four Warp Pipes, which can only be entered if specific Switch Palaces are activated.


You'll start off next to Yoshi's house, which is modeled after Yoshi's House from Super Mario World. To the right will be four Warp Pipes, each corresponding with a specific Switch Palace. These pipes can only be entered after you have activated said Switch Palaces.

When inside a Warp Pipe, you'll find lots of Mario trivia. The first Warp Pipe (Yellow) leads to trivia about Mario himself in different games. The second Warp Pipe (Green) leads to trivia about different enemies. The third Warp Pipe (Red) leads to trivia about the different protagonists, along with Wario. The fourth and final Warp Pipe (Blue) leads to trivia about different powerups.

Trivia quotes

Mario from Super Mario Bros.
In his first adventure, Mario must rescue Princess Toadstool from Bowser, who has cursed all of the Mushroom Kingdom's residents. Only the princess was said to have the power to turn them back into their true selves.

Mario from Super Mario Bros. 3

Mario learns a lot of new abilities, and uses them to help seven Kings turn back into their true selves by retrieving stolen magic wands from the Koopalings. Toadstool is also rescued from Bowser.

Mario from Super Mario World

Princess Toadstool gets kidnapped while the Mario Bros. are having fun on Yoshi's Island.

Mario has to once again defeat the seven Koopalings and Bowser, but this time he has Yoshi to help him explore the vast Dinosaur Land.

Mario from Super Mario Land

This time, Mario ends up in Sarasaland trying to rescue Princess Daisy from an evil spaceman, Totanga. He journeys through four kingdoms encountering monsters he's never seen in his Mushroom Kingdom travels.

Mario from Super Mario Land 2

Mario discovers his Sarasaland adventure to be a trap set up by Wario in order to steal and remodel his castle. Mario has to find Six Golden Coins missing from the castle's entrance to unlock it, and fight Wario.





Name Music Origin Area played
Yoshi House
Yoshi House YC Yoshi cookie
Versus Music B from Yoshi's Cookie. Entire level


  • It is currently unknown whether Yoshi House's in-game name was a mistake or not. It probably is, as on the official Newer website, the Newer Team spells it as "Yoshi's House" instead of "Yoshi House".
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